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How to send Full movies on WhatsApp for [iPhone and Android ] in 2024

This method to send a long video on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android in 2024 helps you exceed the minimum MB limit for videos, which is a problem and limitation for some people who want to send high-quality, long-duration videos.

In this article we will show you today how to send a long video clip on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android 2024, and we will provide you with all the necessary information

How to send Full movies on WhatsApp

Why send Full movies on WhatsApp?

Before diving into the solutions, let’s consider scenarios where sending long videos is necessary. Whether it’s capturing special moments, sharing informative content, or collaborating on projects, there are instances where standard video length restrictions become a hindrance. Overcoming these limitations opens up new possibilities for users.

For a number of reasons, sending long videos through WhatsApp can be both useful and helpful. WhatsApp, in contrast to other messaging services, lets users share videos up to a predetermined file size, facilitating the easy sharing of instantaneous moments. Sending long videos on WhatsApp guarantees that recipients receive a thorough view without the need for additional file-sharing techniques, whether it’s a long event, a comprehensive tutorial, or an extensive update.

This function facilitates effective communication and does away with the need for separate video-sharing platforms by being especially helpful for exchanging experiences, instructional materials, or business-related information.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s user-friendly interface facilitates interaction with longer video material for both senders and recipients, adding to the seamless and participatory nature of digital communication.

How to send Full movies on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android 2024

The WhatsApp application imposes some restrictions on its users that prevent them from sending long video clips, as they notice that when they try to send a long video, WhatsApp cuts off part of it and it does not exceed one minute.

This often happens when the video quality is high, but it is possible to send videos longer than one minute if the quality is not good. The duration can range from 90 seconds to three minutes, but not more.

In short, WhatsApp only allows sending videos up to 16MB in size, while videos larger than that are trimmed before sending.

So, to solve this annoying problem that comes with WhatsApp, we will refer you to the following method to send a long video on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android 2024

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How to send long video on WhatsApp for Iphone

Below we will show you a set of ways through which you can send long videos on WhatsApp through iPhones, but before discussing the methods, you must own the application on your phone by downloading it.

In this method, one relies on one of the sites dedicated to compressing videos and reducing their size to facilitate sending them through programs that only require a limited number of megabytes for video clips, so they do not allow sending such as WhatsApp.

For iPhone users, we would like to remind you about the following steps to compress and send long video on WhatsApp:

  • Enter the video compression site through your browser and convert its size here and
  • From the main interface of the website, click on the Choose File option.
  • Select the video you want to send to WhatsApp to convert it to a shorter extension, which is 3GP extension.
  • After uploading the video to the site, click on the word Convert, then wait a while until the process is finished.
  • Launch WhatsApp installed on your device, then enter the person you want to send the video to.
  • Click Install at the bottom, then attach the created video in 3GP format.
  • Click Send, and the full video will be sent after reducing its size

You can send a long video on WhatsApp without any restrictions via your iPhone by downloading the Documents app as an intermediary between the video and the WhatsApp app.

Below, we will show you the steps to use this app to send long videos on WhatsApp:

  • Download the document by clicking on the application here and
  • Run the application after installing it, then share the video you want to send with this application to create it inside, because this application will compress the video to reduce its size.
  • Go to the WhatsApp app and launch it, then go to the conversation you want to send the video to.
  • Click the Attach icon that looks like a pin.
  • Choose from the list of application documents in front of you.
  • Select the video you want to send from the app’s memory.
  • Click OK and the video will already be sent

Convert long videos from iPhone to WhatsApp with iCloud

The cloud storage service known as iCloud, which is used by all iPhone owners to protect their information from being lost.

Because iCloud on iPhone, in addition to being able to store photos, videos, documents and more, can also share them with friends and family as you wish.

So, we will show you the following method to share a long video on WhatsApp using iCloud iPhone:

  • Go to Gallery on your phone through the Apps menu.
  • Click on the video you want to send on WhatsApp.
  • You will see the Share menu, click on the Save option under Files.
  • Click Save to iCloud Driver.
  • Click on the download option and then save the video in it.
  • Open the WhatsApp application installed on your phone.
  • Press the share button that appears on the pin icon, and the documents on the phone will be displayed in front of you.
  • Select the video you want to send and save it to iCloud Documents.
  • Click on the word Send, thus the long video will be sent from iPhone to WhatsApp.

How to send a long video on WhatsApp for Android

In order to arrange what we show about how to send a long video on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android 2024, below we will show you through the following steps how to send long videos from Android:

  • Download the WhatsApp or update Whatsapp
  • click the send file option
  • Click the Document option
  • Select the clip you want to send to WhatsApp
  • Click Send, and the video will be sent.

How to share a long video on WhatsApp

After knowing how to send a long video on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android 2024, now it is time for us to learn how to make an issue with long videos for iPhone or Android.

This is done via the Video Splitter application, which can be downloaded from here for iPhones, while for Android it is possible to download the application by clicking here and

Here are the steps to use this app to enter a long video in WhatsApp status, as these steps apply to iPhone and Android:

  • Install the app from the appropriate store for your operating system, launch it and agree to grant permissions.
  • Click on the Import videos option.
  • Select the video you want to put on WhatsApp.
  • Choose the duration of seconds you want to crop the video to 30 seconds.
  • Click OK, and the video will be divided into several parts based on its duration.
  • Open the WhatsApp app and click on the status button.
  • Click on the camera tab at the bottom, then select and download the cut parts of the video, this way you can put a long video as WhatsApp status.

The best way to send long videos to WhatsApp

We will move on to our topic that shows you how to send a long video on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android 2023, and we will also mention below another simple and easy to implement method which is a third-party method to

The best way is to use third parties or third parties to send long videos on WhatsApp, because this method is done using third methods, which is the Google Drive program, and below we will show you the steps:

  • Download the Google Drive app for iPhone here or for Android here and
  • Open the app and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Click the + sign or share button to upload the video.
  • Select a video from phone files, then press the download button.
  • Wait for the video to upload to Google Drive.
  • Click on the three dots next to the downloaded video to see the available options.
  • Click on the option to share the video link.
  • Open the WhatsApp app, and enter the conversation you want to send the video to.
  • Paste the video link you already copied from Google Drive.
  • Click Submit, and the other party will click the link and upload the video.


In conclusion, sending long videos on WhatsApp is achievable with the right strategies and tools. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, exploring various methods, staying informed, and embracing technological advancements ensures a seamless video-sharing experience on this popular messaging platform.




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