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How to run 6 WhatsApp accounts on one device in 2023

After recent updates, the WhatsApp application , owned by Meta, allows you to open the same account on 4 different devices, through the “Linked Devices” feature. The company has also developed this feature to also include smart watches supported by Google’s “Wear OS” operating system.

But if you want to run 6 WhatsApp accounts on one device, so that it becomes the main center for all your numbers or work, you must download some applications, and do some tricks to obtain this feature.

in this article, I will explore about the best ways to run 6 different accounts on the same device, but to benefit from these solutions you must use a phone with the Android operating system, and all numbers must have the option to receive calls or SMS at the time of creating the account.

How to Use WhatsApp applications  

Installing the WhatsApp app from your device’s app store is the first step towards using it successfully. After installation, launch the app, confirm your phone number, and set up an account. Become acquainted with the user interface, which consists of the calls, status, and chat tabs. You can import contacts from your phone’s contact list or hit the chat button and choose “New Chat” to connect with friends and family. Press the matching icons in a chat window to access text, audio, image, and video chatting services. Establish and maintain group chats to communicate with several contacts at once. Discover more features including sharing locations, making audio and video conversations, and changing your status.

How to Use WhatsApp applications  

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp application is available in two versions: a standard version and a commercial version called as WhatsApp business, according to the Indian website “Gadgets Now“. With this service, you can open two accounts on the same device and get larger accounts without using any outside techniques.

To do this, download WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business from the App Stores on Google Play and the Apple Store. Then, go to each app and enter the number you want to use. You won’t need to put two separate accounts on separate devices if you use this approach to have them on the same device.

That’s not all, though. By using a few easy techniques, you may use multiple accounts on the same device.

There are special applications on Android phones that copy the application twice, which enables you to use both regular and business WhatsApp twice with different numbers. This trick helps you benefit from 4 different accounts in just one phone.

How to run 6 WhatsApp accounts on one device

In this case, a few minor nuances come into play. For example, the majority of businesses add the dual apps functionality to their Android-powered phones, which is regarded as a component of the user interface exclusive to those businesses. Let’s see how to obtain duplicate copies of the applications by looking at the brand guide that follows.

Here is how to activate these features on each type of phone running the Android operating system: 

  • Realme phones: Go to Settings, then click on Search, then the Clone Apps option, then choose the WhatsApp application.
  • Oppo phones: Click on Settings, then Manage Applications, then click on Clone Application, then choose the Chat application and press the activation button.
  • Samsung phones: Dual Messenger: Open Settings, then go to Advanced Features, then click on Dual Messenger, then choose the application, then press the activation button.
  • OnePlus phones and parallel applications: Open Settings, then choose Utilities, then click on Parallel Applications and choose the application, then press the activation button.
  • Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco phones and dual applications: Go to Settings, press the search bar and type dual applications, then choose WhatsApp, then press the activation button.
  • Vivo/Icho Phones, Clone Apps: Find the WhatsApp app on the home screen, tap and hold it, then tap the “+” icon.

run 6 WhatsApp accounts on one device

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Benefits of WhatsApp applications

The many advantages that WhatsApp applications provide have completely changed communication in the digital age. Instant messaging’s ease of use, which lets users send text, audio, image, and video messages with ease, is one of its main benefits. The platform is an inclusive tool for international communication, bringing people together in real time across boundaries thanks to its user-friendly interface and broad accessibility.

WhatsApp also makes group chats possible, which promotes community formation and collaboration. Users are more trusting since end-to-end encryption protects the confidentiality and security of conversations. The flexibility of the program goes beyond private messaging; it is also a useful tool for companies to interact with clients and simplify correspondence. All things considered, the advantages of WhatsApp applications include effectiveness, availability, safety, and improved communication in both personal and professional contexts.

how to download whatsapp status

The easiest way to download WhatsApp status, which I also do, is that you have to download an application Solyptube video downloader  after downloading it, go to the application and click on the WhatsApp status icon, then all your statuses. It will be appear in front of you, that you can download any status you want.

If you do not want to do it through application then you can follow these steps:

  1. View the Status: Open WhatsApp and view the status you want to download. The status updates of your contacts can be seen in the “Status” tab.
  2. File Manager: Use a file manager app on your smartphone to navigate to the WhatsApp folder. In most cases, it’s located in the internal storage of your device.
  3. Show Hidden Files (Optional): WhatsApp status files are often hidden. If you can’t see them, check your file manager settings to display hidden files.
  4. Copy the Status: Look for a folder named “.Statuses” or similar within the WhatsApp folder. In this folder, you’ll find the status files. Copy the status you want to download to another location on your device.
  5. Access the Copied Status: Once copied, you can access the status in the new location and use or share it as needed.


in conclusion, using six WhatsApp accounts on a single device is a practical and effective method to stay in touch in this connected world. Users can simplify their social interactions and communication by utilizing technological skills and creative solutions. To guarantee a smooth and safe experience, users must constantly abide by the platform’s terms of service, even when these techniques can offer a workaround. As technology develops further, finding new methods to maximize our online interactions can improve our capacity for communication and, in the end, make the world a more open and interconnected place.


1: Why would I need to run six WhatsApp accounts on one device?

Using multiple WhatsApp accounts can be helpful for people who want to manage different social groups, keep personal and business contacts apart, or simplify communication for a variety of uses.

2: Is it against WhatsApp’s terms of service to run multiple accounts on one device?

WhatsApp’s terms of service explicitly state that each account should be tied to a unique phone number. While using third-party applications for multiple accounts may violate these terms, some methods, like dual SIM or business features, are generally considered acceptable.

Q3: Can I use the dual SIM feature on my phone to run multiple WhatsApp accounts?

Yes, many device with dual SIM capabilities allow you to run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously, each associated with a different phone number.

4: Are there third-party applications that support running multiple WhatsApp accounts?

Yes, there are third-party apps designed for managing multiple accounts on a single phone . However, it’s important to use reputable applications to avoid potential security risks.

5: Can I use WhatsApp Business for personal and professional accounts?

While WhatsApp Business is created for business purposes, some users choose to use it for personal and professional communication.



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