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How to download any video without software on mobile and computer 2024

In today’s digital age, various techniques exist that enable users to download videos directly from the internet without the need for dedicated software. as many people want to download many videos, whether from YouTube, from Twitter, from Facebook, from Instagram, or from LinkedIn and snapchat without using any software and any application , and you can do that without using any program, just using the Internet. You can also download video clips On different operating systems, whether your system is Android, iPhone or iPad operating system, iOS, or even Windows for this article I will explore to you How to download any video without software ?

How to download any video without software

Videos have become an integral part of online content, whether for entertainment, education, or information. However, many individuals often seek ways to download these videos without the hassle of installing additional software. Fortunately, there are several methods available that allow users to accomplish this task effortlessly.

how to download any video

Download video without software

We will learn about a new method through which you can download multiple videos by simply entering a specific site using the Internet and downloading the videos by following these steps: –

  • You will first log in from your personal device using your current web browser or any search engine such as Google Chrome, Opera or another browser.
  • You will click on the search box in the browser and you will type the name, or you can enter directly from here by clicking on the link below
  • You will enter the link of the video into the site’s search field.
  • The site will search for the video, and then it will show you the video.
  • You’ll click Download below the video and audio
  • The site will show several qualities from which you can download the video and audio  and you can choose the quality you want and click on it.
  • The site will automatically download the file and save it to your downloaded files on your device

Using Browser Extensions for Video Downloads

Browser extensions prove to be an efficient way to download videos from websites. Extensions like “Video Downloader Plus” for Chrome or “Video DownloadHelper” for Firefox simplify the process by allowing users to download videos directly from their browser interface. By simply adding the extension and following a few steps, users can save videos effortlessly.

Leveraging Online Video Downloader Websites

Additionally, online video downloader websites such as , SaveFrom, KeepVid, or Y2mate offer a hassle-free experience. These platforms support various video sources and formats and usually require users to paste the video URL to initiate the download process.

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Download video to iphone

Save video to iphone

We will discuss the download technique, which is the change of the above method because it is incompatible with the iPhone, as many users of the iOS operating system for iPhones wish to download videos to their device. The download method is as follows: –

  • You will start downloading the application that helps you search and download video clips, and it works very efficiently on the iPhone. It is called the Documents 6 application, and it is one of the programs that solves the downloading problem.
  • You can download it from the App Store by clicking on the following link, which is a free program 
  • You’ll install the app on your iPhone, then open it.
  • After that, you will enter the YouTube application and then click on the banner that indicates sharing, after which you will click on the copy of the custom link.
  • You will enter any electronic browser such as Google Chrome, then enter the search field, and from the search field you will type vidpaw.
  • The site will be opened for you, and you can directly access this site by clicking on the following link
  • You’ll click on the box, and then you’ll put the link there, and you’ll press go.
  • The site will download the video for you so that it appears on the site, and then you click on the word Download below the video.
  • After pressing download, the video will be quickly downloaded to the device.
  • You will be able to access files, move videos from one place to another as you wish, or wherever you want to save the videos

Downloading Videos from Social Media Platforms

Downloading videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn  or snapchat follows a similar process. Users can utilize specific online tools or extensions designed for these platforms to save videos for offline viewing.

Save video to windows

Most computer users want to take advantage of the bigger size of the hard disk to keep video clips, and this is done by going through a few steps to download videos from YouTube to their computers running Windows. The following is the number of steps: –

  • You will first log in from your personal device using your current web browser or any search engine such as Google Chrome, Opera or another browser.
  • YouTube or any program like Twitter, Facebook or other video programs will open to the video you want to download.
  • You will copy the existing link, or copy the video link.
  • Then you open another page of the browser, enter the search box in the browser, and then type save from.
  • A page opens with empty fields.
  • You will enter the link field, and you will add the link to it.
  • I clicked Search.
  • The site will show you the video, at the bottom there will be a download, click Download.
  • After pressing download, the video will be quickly downloaded to the device.
  • The videos will be saved to files

Features of saving videos without software

Many people want to know how to save video without programs, and we will learn about the most important features that you can get by downloading video without anything or related software, and among the most important features are: –

  • The presence of a program or application creates space that takes up part of the phone, which can be a burden for a user of a non-modern device, as it is unable to provide the required space.
  • It facilitates the entire process of downloading videos. Once you log in to the site and enter the link, the site provides you with the download process from any region, even those that prevent downloading. Even from the most difficult sites.
  • You can download from any operating system, and you’ll need to use a specific location for each operating system.
  • It facilitates all the actions that the user performs before downloading any video.
  • These sites break down the barriers and barriers that prevent uploading videos.
  • You can download videos in the formats you want, and it will download videos the way you want


In conclusion, downloading videos without software offers a convenient solution for accessing online content. By employing these methods responsibly, users can enjoy their favorite videos offline without any hassle.



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