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How to Live Stream YouTube video on Facebook page without Downloading Video [2023]

Sharing engaging information on several platforms has become normal in the modern digital age, with Facebook and YouTube being two of the biggest participants in the online content market. Ever ponder how to easily share an engaging YouTube video without the effort of uploading it to your Facebook feed? I will Explore How to Live Stream YouTube video on Facebook page without Downloading Video with ease by following the steps, in this article.

live stream Youtube video on Facebook page

How to Live Stream YouTube video on Facebook page without Downloading Video

Today I will explore in front of you about a best application ,using this application you can Livestreaming any YouTube video on your Facebook page without downloading YouTube Video , The best thing is that This app is absolutely free, the name of this application is Go Live India , it’s app is available on Google Play Store and all app store or You can also download this app from official website

So let’s Learn how to live stream YouTube video on Facebook page without Downloading Video:

1. Create an Account

  • After download the application , Please create an account on goliveinida app . you can create an account on goliveindia by Google account or Facebook account.
  • Log in: After successfully Log in, Please establish a connection between goliveindia account and your Facebook account .

2. Copy URL YouTube video

Go to YouTube and find the any video that you want to livestream on Facebook page and profile , Copy the URL of YouTube video by clicking sharing option

3. Click on Live on Facebook option

Open Go Live India App and Select the Live on Facebook option ,After clicking on this you will get 3 options.

  • From Link video
  • From Local Video
  • From Camera

4. Click on From Link Video

Paste the URL of YouTube video in the URL box and click the on the Add . title and description already generated and you can also write title and description yourself.

5. Select Destination

If you have multiple pages please Select a page that you want to live stream on your page for example I have 3 page ( 1 Raam 2 karan 3 News ) please select Raam page , You can also live stream your profile by selecting Your profile Destination

6. Loop

If you want to play 10 mint video to 30 mint then you can use the loop option. In this section, given from once to 10 times.

 7. Go Live

After filling all required , click on Go Live option, immediately your video live on your Facebook page , please go on your Facebook page and watch your live streaming

Benefits of Live streaming on Facebook 

Benefits of Live streaming on Facebook

There are several advantages to live streaming on Facebook sites for people, companies, and groups. First of all, it makes it possible to interact in real time with the audience, creating an unmatched feeling of connection and engagement. A more dynamic and interesting experience is produced by the hosts’ ability to respond quickly to queries, remarks, and concerns through direct conversation.

Live streaming on Facebook sites also increases reach and visibility. Live content alerts followers and may potentially reach a larger audience through the platform’s algorithm, which frequently gives it priority. This enhanced visibility has the ability to greatly raise brand awareness by drawing in new followers and winning them over as devoted patrons or supporters.

Furthermore, Facebook sites that use live streaming can benefit greatly from it in terms of narrative and content marketing. It allows brands to present their realness and transparency by providing live events, product demos, and behind-the-scenes looks. This direct and honest approach frequently strikes a deep chord with audiences, building loyalty and confidence.

Furthermore, live streaming can be economical since it does not require complex production setups and permits the development of meaningful content on the spur of the moment. Businesses may effectively engage their audience, build relationships, and ultimately advance their aims by utilizing the immediacy and interactivity of live streaming.

How to earn money From Facebook by Livestreaming

There are a number of tactics one can use to monetize videos on Facebook. First and foremost, concentrate on producing captivating, excellent video content for your viewers. Profits can be made by utilizing Facebook’s monetization tools, which include in-stream advertisements, fan subscriptions, and Stars for gaming content. Your earning potential can be greatly increased by gaining a devoted following by regularly posting insightful and unique videos, interacting with viewers via messages and comments, and marketing your material on several platforms.

Additionally, you may be able to generate additional revenue by looking into joint ventures, sponsorships, and partnerships with companies that are associated with your content specialty. In the end, creating engaging content, engaging audiences, and using smart monetization techniques are all necessary for Facebook video revenue success.


In conclusion, sharing YouTube videos on Facebook is a powerful way to connect with your audience and amplify your content’s reach across platforms. By following these methods, understanding copyright considerations, and implementing best practices, you can effectively share engaging content without downloading the video.


Can I Live any YouTube video on Facebook?

Yes, you can Live any YouTube videos on Facebook Facebook page using the Goliveindia Streaming App.

Are there limitations to Live YouTube videos on Facebook?

While mostly videos can be Live, some content may be restricted due to privacy settings or copyright issues.

Do I need permission to Live someone else’s YouTube video on Facebook?

It’s advisable to seek permission from the video creator to avoid copyright infringement.

Can I edit the Live YouTube video’s information on Facebook?

No, the information displayed when Live a YouTube video on Facebook is typically auto-generated and cannot be edited directly.

How can I track the performance of Live YouTube videos on Facebook?

You can monitor engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares on Facebook Insights or through third-party analytics tools.




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