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10 little habits that can change your life, The Secret to Making Habits Stick

1. The habit of going to bed early and getting up early

Take a bath and go home in the evening, finish it early after exercising, start homework and study within 10 minutes of a nap, and then set a fixed bedtime, no matter whether you have finished it or not, finish it immediately and go to bed.

After getting up early, go out immediately or go to the balcony to bathe in the sun. Take 10 to 8 deep breaths and move your body. The serotonin in the brain will be released and the brain will begin to wake up.

In order to develop this habit, there is another key point, “Don’t do too many learning tasks at night”, such as doing questions and writing articles with deep brain thinking.

Try to do it in the evening, and the standard of learning is “easy” and “appropriate”. Simply review the output and do input for reading and comprehension. Do complex exercises after getting up early, otherwise it will affect the formation and development of habits. efficiency.

2. The habit of exercising every day

Key point: Start with the smallest action. For example, no speed or distance is required at first. Just walk once a day in the morning and evening. Then slowly increase it. It must be the accumulation of a small sense of achievement.

A fixed time, such as 20 minutes after getting up in the morning, 30 minutes in the evening, etc.

Daily results must be visualized, recorded or using a pedometer, etc. Sometimes you can also use coercive force, such as looking for classmates to exercise together, betting, paying to go to the gym, etc.

Changes can be made from time to time during the exercise, such as the form, change, path, etc. of the exercise.

Give yourself rewards, after setting goals, “If you can persist for how long~, then buy yourself a pair of the latest sneakers” and so on.

3. The habit of independent learning every day

Carry out suitable learning content according to the time period of scientific verification, and formulate a strict one-day time-use arrangement based on your actual situation, and do it regularly and must do it.

In addition, make good use of fragmented time, make a list of your own fragmented time learning content, and if you can achieve the action mode of fragmented time = learning, you can learn independently every day, and the habit of learning at any time and any place is easy to develop. That is to say, start from the study of fragmented time.

4. The habit of tidying up

To develop the habit of tidying up, awareness must come first, and you must be aware that “messiness” will bring huge losses to concentration, thinking, and memory.

In particular, if you don’t organize and rectify before learning, it will affect the follow-up concentration.

5. Saving habits

Before buying anything, stop for a minute before making a decision, especially for things you want urgently, you must first calm down and calm yourself down.

Developing the habit of thrift does not require patience, patience, patience, but rather incorporating thrift-related actions into daily actions.

Such as “saving game”.

There can be many specific methods, such as the “3-second rule” for opening the refrigerator, taking items within 3 seconds, and a fine of 1 yuan for more than 3 seconds.

The more ideas like this that treat saving as a game, the better, and you can develop the habit of saving without forcing it.

6. The habit of accumulating contacts and building relationships

In a word, no matter who you see, whether you are a superior person or a person who is inferior to yourself, whether you are an enemy or a benefactor, you should greet everyone naturally and kindly. You must be able to lower your mentality and take the initiative to attack.

7. The habit of introspection and examination

This habit is actually very important. I can say that 99% of them can’t do it. Even if it’s a day of reflection before the end of each day, almost no one will do it.

The trick to develop this habit is to think for a short time and do a summary and reflection immediately after doing anything.

8. The habit of keeping a diary

The habit of keeping a diary every day is to treat diary recording as an important thing, not an optional thing.

Because diary has too many benefits, just like the 3-line diary I have been introducing before going to bed (successful things, happy things, uneasy things, anxious things, own hopes, expectations, goals, etc.) + the next day Just reflecting and recording the ToDo things will definitely make you feel like a different person.

In developing the habit of writing a diary, the biggest enemy is the pursuit of perfection, perfect writing, perfect word count, etc. In fact, it is like what I said about writing 3 lines of diary before going to bed. It can be one line, keywords, or a few minutes. Also, as long as you can record, you can avoid the requirements of perfection and duration.

Don’t let journaling be your burden.

9. The habit of meditation

It is highly recommended to meditate for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed. This must be developed into a habit, especially the stable brain state formed by meditation during sleep can be maintained until the next morning or even the next day.

To develop the habit of meditation, don’t set a time limit, 1 minute is fine, any time is fine, for example, before studying, during a break during study, any time you feel free, as long as you decide on a practicable self-regulation.

For example, a friend of mine meditates for 1 minute after getting up early in the morning, washing his face, going to the toilet, and before going to bed. He doesn’t feel like he can’t do it anymore. It’s easy to develop a habit. Once you develop a habit, the time will naturally increase. .

10. Habits of releasing stress

I saw some news earlier, a place where bottles were dropped to decompress.

An equally effective way to relieve stress as throwing bottles is exercise. Among them, “hitting” exercise and “hitting” exercise are the best way to relieve stress, such as batting, playing ball, and even boxing.

So as soon as you notice that your stress is increasing, you can go for a run, play badminton, tennis, table tennis, boxing, etc. to release stress almost immediately, and it is relatively easy to develop the habit of releasing stress.



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