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Why is physical therapy necessary for many health problems? 10 Key

If you suffer from some problems and diseases such as muscle, bone, back, neck, and leg pain, you must take physical therapy as the first means to treat your problem. Physical therapy is very successful and efficient in treating these problems on a regular basis. Specifically, it is a physical therapy that restores to the patient the healthy functional movement that he lost during his illness, and even increases that motor ability to the maximum extent that the person can benefit from it, and after eliminating the problem completely,

the person who was injured receives some instructions and things that must always be implemented, These instructions will work if this problem appears again in the future. We should also not forget that there are some other matters and factors that make it necessary to take physical therapy as a means of treating these health problems. These matters will be discussed in detail in the lines of this article. If you are interested in knowing them, you should You should follow this article until the end so don’t go too far.

Safety and no side effects

There are many reasons why a person accepts physical therapy as a solution to the health problems he faces, and the first of these reasons is safety and the absence of any side effects when treating our problems through physical therapy. Of course, this method is very safe and there are no risks or fears surrounding it, as It is known for treatment with medications, and this is because of the side effects caused by all medications without exception, and they are in different proportions.

Sometimes they are low with a specific problem or disease, and sometimes they are high with other problems and diseases. Depending on the disease, the seriousness of the side effects is, so it is better and safer for us not to We take medications as the first and primary treatment for the problems we face.

In the beginning, we will try natural treatment that is very effective in many problems. If it does not work, we can try herbal treatment or what is called alternative medicine, and if it also fails, we will have no choice but to treat it with chemical medications, but you must read the paper related to the medication to know the seriousness of the side effects that it has.

It may appear when taking this medication. If it is high, it is possible to look for an alternative to this medication that is just as effective, but its side effects are much less than the other medication.

Not being able to leave the house

We can use the physical therapy method as it is the most appropriate and appropriate for the patient if he does not have the ability to leave his home. There are some diseases and problems that prevent the patient from leaving his home, such as muscle, back, neck, and leg pain. These pains will not make the patient move as usual, as his movement will be It is very mild and may not be present in some people.

Therefore, in this case, the most appropriate treatment for the patient’s conditions is physical therapy that will be performed at home, as the physical therapist will come to the patient daily for half an hour or an hour at most, in which he will perform the method. Appropriate treatment with the patient until good and promising results appear regarding the problem.

It must be known that every problem has its own physical treatment. For example, problems that impede movement, such as leg pain, have their own treatment, and the problem of back pain also has its own treatment, and the problem of muscle pain also has a different treatment.

All of this is known by the doctor or physical therapist who He will come to diagnose the problem and provide the most appropriate solutions to it and ways to treat it. If the problem is persistent or physical therapy must be repeated all the time, it is easy for one of the patient’s family members or friends to learn how to treat it or its method in detail, and they in turn will complete the treatment method without bringing the physical specialist in. permanent.

Why is physical therapy necessary for many health problems?

Patient rehabilitation and awareness are among the most important goals of physical therapy

One of the reasons or things that make physical therapy an important method in eliminating many health problems is rehabilitating the patient and educating him on how to maintain himself. Physical therapy works to rehabilitate the patient physically so that he is able to practice his personal life and movements normally, and it also works to educate the patient The size of the problem he was exposed to, along with clarifying ways to preserve and protect oneself from the reappearance of the problem.

There are some people who are treated with chemotherapy and actually eliminate the disease that they faced, but unfortunately they do not protect themselves from the reappearance of the disease, and this is what actually leads to the reappearance of the problem. Here, its severity and danger will be greater than the first time.

Therefore, the method of physical therapy develops the patient’s awareness and thought until he becomes aware of everything that has happened and what is likely to happen, so he continues treatment or stays away from what makes the problem worse, and here he is protecting himself from any problem that may arise, especially the problem that appeared to him before.

Therefore, attention must be paid to the extent of physical medical rehabilitation and the amount of intellectual awareness that the patient will gain when he undergoes a physical therapy regimen at the hands of specialists with experience in the problem he faces. If you are suffering from one of the diseases and problems for which there is a physical treatment, you must follow this direction and stay far away from… Chemotherapy.

Developments in physical therapy

Some problems were treated by physical therapy for the first time approximately three thousand years ago at the hands of the Chinese , and from that time until the present day physical therapy has been in constant and very noticeable development, and now there are some medical devices designated to treat some problems and diseases, and they are included among the external physical therapy devices.

Simple, but these devices are very advanced and their sophistication increases day after day until the rates of recovery from diseases treated with physical therapy are many times what they were before. The subject becomes more efficient as the days pass and doctors work to develop and modernize the therapeutic devices. As we know, technological development has It affected most things on the surface of the Earth, and physical therapy devices had a share in that.

Eliminate the problem permanently

We come here to talk about another motive or reason behind choosing physical therapy as a way to treat some diseases and problems, which is that physical therapy eliminates the problem from the ground up once and for all, unlike some chemical medications that are only an analgesic for pain and disease.

As we know, there are many analgesics available in Pharmacies are taken to relieve the problem and relieve its pain that appears from time to time. This, of course, will not produce any satisfactory results for the injured person, as immediately after stopping taking chemical medications for a period of time, the problem will soon appear again. Therefore, physical therapy is the best in these matters, as it will eliminate It solves the problem once and for all and relieves the patient of pain.


1. What is physical therapy?

  • Physical therapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on improving and restoring physical function and mobility, often through exercises, manual therapy, and other techniques.

2. Why is physical therapy important?

  • Physical therapy is important because it helps individuals recover from injuries, surgeries, and various health conditions. It promotes optimal physical function, reduces pain, and enhances overall quality of life.

3. How does physical therapy work?

  • Physical therapists assess an individual’s condition, create a personalized treatment plan, and use various techniques to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. They also educate patients on self-care and prevention.

4. Who can benefit from physical therapy?

  • Physical therapy can benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s commonly prescribed for those recovering from surgeries, accidents, sports injuries, and individuals with chronic conditions like arthritis or back pain.

5. What types of health problems can physical therapy address?

  • Physical therapy can address a wide range of health problems, including musculoskeletal issues (such as joint pain or fractures), neurological conditions (like stroke or Parkinson’s disease), and respiratory disorders (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

6. Is physical therapy only for rehabilitation after injuries?

  • No, physical therapy is not limited to injury rehabilitation. It can also be used for prevention, improving overall fitness, managing chronic conditions, and enhancing sports performance.

7. Are there any age restrictions for physical therapy?

  • No, physical therapy is suitable for individuals of all ages, from infants to seniors. Pediatric physical therapy is available for children, while geriatric physical therapy addresses the unique needs of older adults.

8. How long does a typical physical therapy session last?

  • The duration of a physical therapy session can vary depending on the individual’s needs and treatment plan. Sessions typically last 30 minutes to an hour.

9. Is a referral from a doctor required for physical therapy?

  • In many cases, a doctor’s referral is not required to see a physical therapist. However, insurance policies and regulations may vary, so it’s advisable to check with your healthcare provider or insurance company.

10. What can I expect during my first physical therapy appointment? – During your initial visit, the physical therapist will assess your condition, discuss your medical history, and develop a personalized treatment plan. They will also educate you about your condition and the goals of therapy.

11. Does physical therapy involve only exercises? – No, physical therapy may include a variety of techniques, including manual therapy (such as massage or joint mobilization), modalities (like heat or cold therapy), and education on posture and ergonomics.

12. How can I find a qualified physical therapist? – You can find a qualified physical therapist by asking your doctor for a referral, checking with your insurance provider, or searching online directories of licensed physical therapists.



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