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How to Live Your YouTube video on Facebook page in one click by Link – Goliveindia

Live Your YouTube video on Facebook page in one click

The modern Internet has completely changed the landscape of business and communication, seamlessly blending elements such as social media, instant messaging, media sharing, voice and video calling into one harmonious and simple project. Today, live streaming applications enable millions of people around the world to seamlessly connect with their loved ones, friends and colleagues in real time, anytime and anywhere.

The pace of technological advancement has been so remarkable that individuals can now connect with their wide network of over a hundred friends and followers simultaneously through live video streaming using a variety of apps and software.

Best Facebook Live Streaming Apps

People were tired of routine social networking activities, such as sharing status updates, scrolling through news feeds, engaging in chats with friends and uploading pictures and short videos to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

However, over time the field of social media began to evolve significantly. Many apps and tools emerged with unprecedented features that transcended the limitations of traditional social networking and voice and video calling.

The latest trend has now moved towards live streaming. This innovation enables users of specific platforms to broadcast live from anywhere and at any time, facilitating real-time communication with their friends and followers. In particular, Facebook Live and, more recently, Facebook Watch have taken center stage in this area, empowering content creators and celebrities to host live broadcasts for their fan bases.

Furthermore, the feature has seen remarkable success across various domains, including online live tutorials like music, cooking and education. As a result, a large number of people are adopting live streaming apps to fulfill these purposes.

Best app for Facebook Live Streaming

In response to the growing popularity of Facebook Live streaming, developers around the world have taken advantage of the opportunity and created online tools that allow users to seamlessly stream video from their smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops, regardless of their location. enable us to do so.

These tools and software are designed to complement Facebook’s services, with the platform naturally benefiting from a portion of the revenue generated. Below, you will find complete information about Goliveindi live streaming tool and We will provide you with comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines to simplify the process of live streaming video on Facebook.

Register for an Account

Visit the  and search Goliveindia application or Visit the website and go to the menu bar, where you should click on “Sign Up Free”. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process by entering the required information.

Log In: Upon successful registration, proceed to log in to your account. It’s important to note that before you begin your live stream, you’ll need to establish a connection between your live stream account and your social network accounts, with a specific focus on linking your Facebook account.

goliveindia 1

Once you have successfully linked your Facebook account, the interface screen will appear as shown below:

Step 1: Select the Video Source

On the top, within the options bar, click the “Go Live ” item. This action will bring up the following Three options: “From link video “From local video “and “From camera.”

goliveindia 2

In the “From Link Video” option, you have the ability to insert video links. from platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Simply paste the desired link into the provided box to add the video, and then press Live Now button.

In the “From Local Video” option, you have the freedom to choose a new video that has not been previously posted on any platform. Once you’ve uploaded the video, in upload local video section and write a title and description ang click on Live Now

Once the video has completed loading, you have the option to modify the Title or description the previous one as per your preference.

golive india

Step 2: Configuration

Customize your video livestream using the following options:

Loop Option: This feature enables the creation of video loops within your livestream. Selecting “No Loop” ensures that once the video is complete, it will stop playing. Select the “Infinite Loop” option if you want the video to play continuously until the livestream duration ends (the duration depends on your subscription plan and the maximum allowed livestream time)

Resolution Selection: You can pick from various resolutions such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p based on your subscription plan.

Add Text: Input your desired text and adjust the size and position settings for subtitles.

Add Image: Add your brand name or logo to the live stream.

Step 3: Choose Where to Live

Under the “Destination” option, you can decide whether you want to post to your profile, YouTube, Fanpage, For Facebook posting, you can select from your profile, Facebook Page

To modify your account settings, simply click the downward arrow within the “Destination” box.

Once you’ve completed the selection of your Account, Destination, Title, and description, click on Go live To initiate live streaming of available videos on Facebook


1: What is the benefit of live streaming a YouTube video on a Facebook page?

Live streaming a YouTube video to a Facebook Page can help you reach a wider audience by taking advantage of both platforms. This can increase engagement, engagement, and exposure for your content.

2: Can I live stream any YouTube video on my Facebook page?

You can live stream any public YouTube video on your Facebook Page as long as it follows both platforms’ terms of use and copyright rules.

Q3: How do I live stream a YouTube video on my Facebook page?

You can live stream a YouTube video on your Facebook page by using third-party streaming software or services that allow you to broadcast content from YouTube to Facebook. like a goliveindia

4: Are there any legal considerations when live streaming YouTube videos on Facebook?

Yes, there are legal considerations, such as copyright and fair use laws. Make sure you have the necessary rights to live stream a YouTube video, or use content that is in the public domain, or have the appropriate licenses.

5: What are the steps to set up live streaming from YouTube to Facebook?

The steps may vary depending on the tools or services you use, but generally, you need to connect your YouTube and Facebook accounts, select the video you want to stream, configure settings, and go live.




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