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The impact of computers and networks on human life

At present, we are in the information age, which has brought new changes to people’s production and life. In the application of computer technology, it can not only improve people’s work and life efficiency in a digital way, but also completely eliminate the limitations of space and time on the basis of facilitating information, so that people Improvement in production and life can be realized. Capacity. In this article, some research will be done on the impact of computers and networks on human life.

Computer network technology

In the process of the development of computer network technology, it has gradually taken on the characteristics of comprehensive and complex technical forms. In addition to the application of communication technology, hardware support is also very critical, including optical fiber and gateway. In terms of specific technical applications, its It includes the following aspects:

First, application technology: That is, the foundation of network technology application, including software development technology and communication technology, etc., its purpose is to meet the actual use needs of users;

second, security technology: In terms of this technology, it means protecting network information. For related technologies, their practical applications still need to be improved. For users, they need to protect their own information through passwords, account numbers, etc.;

third, information identification technology: The practical application of this technology is mainly to classify and filter information, and to identify and process information on the network in accordance with current laws and regulations;

fourth, auxiliary technology: Based on network functions, auxiliary means are used to enhance the value of network applications. Related technologies include cloud computing and big data technology. It can be said that today’s network applications mainly play a role in basic functions, protection, restrictions, and application functions, so as to meet people’s daily work and life needs.

Factors of technological development

1. Personal needs

In the process of network development, individual needs have obvious driving force, which are mainly reflected in:

first, communication needs: This is the fundamental factor that prompted the emergence of the Internet. In the development of human beings, the continuous development of communication means and the desire to achieve high-efficiency communication goals at lower costs have played a positive role in promoting network implementation. From the perspective of technological development, we can also understand that the existence of communication needs has played a positive role in promoting actual development;

second, the need for information acquisition: In the past society, humans were slow in obtaining information. For a long time, newspapers were an important carrier for people to obtain information, but they could only be disseminated the next day, with a certain lag. However, as a communication mode with high information dissemination efficiency, media also has room for review and production in practical development and application.

The emergence of network technology has improved the efficiency of information transmission, can disseminate information in the first time, and can effectively break the limitations of information. For example, in practical applications, newspapers can only be disseminated through text. Although people can also obtain corresponding information from them, there is a gap in vividness. For the TV method, it is lacking in depth;

third, assisted living: In people’s work and life, different types of tools have a greater degree of dependence, and tools will also directly affect people’s production and lifestyle. For humans, the computer network is a new auxiliary tool that can gradually weaken the functions of value tools in practical applications and provide more tool functions while effectively compressing manufacturing and use costs.

The impact of computers and networks on human life

2. Social needs

Since the application of computers, they have become an important part of the current social development. In terms of specific application functions, they can achieve efficient information management goals after digitizing information. It can be said that for social production, the early applications of computers were mainly in data management and research. After the emergence of network technology, computer functions have also been improved and can be better used in business communication and resource management. Network technology also has many applications in the military field, effectively ensuring our country’s military informatization. level. It can be said that the application of computer network technology can effectively improve the production technology and work efficiency of related industries, and has also become an important part of the current international competition.

Impact of computer on modern life

  1. Impact on economic life

First, commercial activities. In today’s business activities, computer networks already have high application value. First of all, network construction has good performance in terms of information environment efficiency and cost. It can be said that it has become a key method for commercial promotion in the current social development. In the development of enterprises, it has also carried out its own innovation and optimization based on the development of network technology.

In terms of publicity methods, it has gradually developed towards online direction, which has effectively improved the publicity effect. In the enterprise production process, many production links can also be realized through the Internet, including the use of resource management software, etc. This has a better effect on improving production efficiency.

Secondly, market development: In the new market development environment, the market uses network technology and technology for construction, and it is possible to obtain market information from multiple aspects during business activities; second, consumption patterns. The development of online shopping has effectively changed people’s consumption patterns in our country, and has also played a great role in promoting the development of the logistics industry, forming a sustainable and healthy development closed loop.

On this basis, there are certain limitations in the actual development of the real economy industry, and more talents and funds have gradually been transferred to the online consumer market in recent years. Specifically, my country’s consumption model is still in the process of being constructed and has not yet formed a pattern with stable characteristics. In the process of online consumption, consumers not only gain convenience, but also form a good consumption environment.

For consumers, they can use the Internet to purchase corresponding products based on their own needs, effectively reducing the intermediate price difference and better ensuring product quality;

The impact of computers and networks on human life

third, information security: In the current economic development of our country, the development of network technology is of very critical significance. While it has achieved certain results and brought certain conveniences, it has also posed certain challenges and threats. For related commercial activities, using the Internet as a platform to carry out activities will involve the use of more information. However, from the perspective of current network security defense mechanisms and transmission protocols, the Internet still has deficiencies in security.

A large number of commercial activities The existence of information may lead to security problems. The destruction and theft of important business information will cause serious losses to the development of enterprises and even the market economy. At the same time, the existence of network security problems may also lead to vicious competition among enterprises, including information theft and network attacks. The existence of this situation will cause great obstacles to social harmony and stability and the development of market economy.

2.Impact on political life

In the development process of computer network technology, the impact on political life mainly includes:

first, public supervision: With the development and application of Internet technology, it has played a positive role in promoting the transparency and openness of my country’s government affairs. After the reform and opening up, our country has actively provided relevant work. However, due to the restrictions of the disclosure conditions at the time and the singleness of the channels, the actual effect of this work is still relatively limited.

Through the development and application of network technology, it can provide a good platform for information disclosure. As a government worker, you can not only disclose relevant information on the platform, but also make it easier for the public to make inquiries based on their own needs.

At the same time, government websites have also become a key task for governments in various regions today. Through this method, the public can better communicate with functional departments. For specific matters, they can use the Internet to Reflection submission has greatly improved the processing effect and efficiency. It can be said that the existence of a network environment can effectively supervise the work of relevant functional departments.

In today’s Internet, relevant information exposure can also be used as a basis for information review. Compared with the same period before the emergence of network technology, although the public can have a certain grasp of the situation, there are limitations and lack of exposure channels. The people’s power of supervision cannot be well implemented, and the development of the network environment has provided this group of people with a platform to disclose information;

second, public opinion guidance control: Before the emergence of Internet technology, public opinion guidance was less difficult to control and achieved relatively good results. As my country’s government affairs are transparent and open and anti-corruption work is carried out, society’s trust in the government continues to increase. With the rapid development of Internet technology, public events will quickly spread on the Internet after they occur, and malicious tampering and rumors will continue to occur on the Internet.

3. Impact on cultural life

In the development process of computer network technology, the impact on people’s cultural life mainly includes:

resource sharing. For ordinary people, the sharing of resources can be said to be an important core value for network applications. Under the network sharing mechanism, the value of information can be maximized and the cost of information acquisition for the public can be reduced. For network technology, a specific interaction mode based on computer technology, digitization is the core of the application of computer technology. For any type of information,

it can be stored in a digital form in the computer, which not only has greater information value The biggest advantage also includes the value of literary works and learning materials. With the rapid development of the Internet, issues related to intellectual property rights have gradually emerged, reflecting the contradiction between intellectual property rights and resource sharing. In this case, my country’s administrative and legislative departments need to be able to issue relevant requirements to prevent the Internet from harming the interests of relevant property rights holders.

In terms of information acquisition, in the past, it was necessary to read a large number of books to obtain relevant information. However, on the Internet, it is only possible to query through the application of the terminal device, and while obtaining the corresponding information, the information-related factors can be grasped, such as Discussion and evaluation, etc. With the continuous development and application of big data technology, it has also brought further changes to people’s behavior and lifestyle. For example, they can choose the optimal route when traveling, which effectively improves the efficiency and quality of people’s lives.

The impact of computers and networks on human life


In the process of continuous development of computer network technology, it has had a multi-faceted impact on human daily work and life, including life, politics and economic levels. It can be said that no matter at which level, the application of network technology has brought a more efficient way of life and production to mankind and better met people’s needs. However, it should also be noted that the development and application of network technology has also brought certain problems, including information security and the impact of social public opinion. This requires the ability to control and optimize in future development to better leverage the application value of network technology.

  1. What is the impact of computers and networks on human life?
  • Computers and networks have significantly transformed human life by revolutionizing communication, education, business, healthcare, and entertainment.

2. How have computers and networks revolutionized communication?

  • Computers and networks have made global communication faster and more accessible through email, social media, and video conferencing, connecting people worldwide.

3. What role have computers and networks played in education?

  • Computers and networks have expanded educational opportunities with online learning platforms, enabling remote education, personalized learning, and access to a wealth of information.

4. How have computers and networks influenced the business world?

  • Businesses have benefited from increased efficiency, data analysis, and global reach through e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital marketing.

5. What impact have computers and networks had on healthcare?

  • Computers and networks have improved patient care with electronic health records, telemedicine, and advanced medical imaging, leading to better diagnostics and treatments.


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