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How To Unblock Subway Surfers On School Chromebook? [2023-24]

One of the most played and addictive smartphone games is Subway Surfers.  However, many schools block access to game sites and apps on school Chromebooks to prevent students from getting distracted during class.

As a student, you may be wondering if there is any way to unblock Subway Surfers and other games on your school Chromebook. The good news is – there are a few methods you can try to bypass your school’s restrictions and play unblocked games.

Why Are Games Blocked On School Chromebooks?

Schools commonly use filtering software or browser extensions to block access to game websites and apps on school-issued devices. There are a few reasons why they do this:

  • To prevent students from playing games during class and get distracted from learning
  • To limit recreational internet use on school devices
  • To manage limited bandwidth usage for academic purposes
  • To restrict access to unapproved content as part of their internet safety policies

Regardless of the high-quality of intentions, not being able to play your preferred video games to your own tool can nevertheless be demanding. luckily, there are still some strategies you could try to maybe unlock games on a Chromebook this is locked down at school.

Methods To Unblock Subway Surfers On A School Chromebook

Here are a few methods you can try to get around the school’s web filters and unblock access to Subway Surfers – just be aware you may be going against school IT policy so proceed with caution:

Use A VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to route your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a server in a different location.

This masks your browsing data and IP address. If the school VPN service is blocking certain sites, using a third-party VPN that isn’t restricted can potentially bypass the blocks. Some good free VPNs to try are ProtonVPN, Windscribe, and

Just install the VPN browser extension, connect to a server in an unrestricted location, and then attempt to access Subway Surfers. The downside is many schools block the use of third-party VPNs.

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Try A Web Proxy Site

Web proxies work similarly to VPNs – they route your traffic through an intermediary server so the school network doesn’t see you accessing blocked sites.

Popular proxy sites like Hidester, Proxysite, and FilterBypass may allow you to sneak past the school firewall.

To use them, simply enter the URL of the blocked website like Subway Surfers into the proxy site search bar and it will fetch the site through their server.

The school will just see you accessing the proxy site domain instead. However, proxy sites are often blacklisted by schools.

Use Incognito/Guest Browsing Mode

School browser restrictions are usually implemented by installing extensions that filter content and monitor browsing activity.

Try opening an incognito or guest browsing window, which uses a separate browser session that doesn’t have access to extensions.

Open Subway Surfers here and it may be unblocked without the school filters enabled. This works best on Chromebooks that let you browse as a guest.

Factory Reset The Chromebook

If all else fails, you can try fully resetting the Chromebook to factory settings. This will wipe all the school restrictions and settings and restore it to its original unmanaged state. You can then set up the device normally without the web filtering.

Of course, your school will re-apply the restrictions if you sign in with a managed school account. You’ll have to use a personal Google account after resetting to prevent that. And resetting a school device without permission can get you in trouble. But it is an option if you’re set on unblocking games.

Accessing Subway Surfers Through Unblocked Game Sites

If VPNs and proxies don’t work, another option is using an unblocked games website that hosts Subway Surfers.

These sites are designed specifically to allow access to games that are usually blocked in schools and workplaces. Here are some options:

  • UnblockedGames66 – A large collection of popular flash games in web browser format.
  • UnblockedGamesPod – Hosts HTML5 and WebGL games that don’t require downloads or plugins.
  • Info – A site dedicated specifically to the mobile Subway Surfers game in web browser format.

The advantage of these sites is they only host unblocked games so they tend to avoid school blacklists. Just visit the site directly without any proxies to play Subway Surfers online.

In addition to using web proxies and VPNs, another way to access games like Subway Surfers on your school Chromebook is through reputable game websites like Poki Unblocked.

Those structures provide a collection of unblocked games that may be loved at some point of your unfastened time, giving you a difference of alternatives to discover. take into account to apply those systems responsibly and in step with your faculty’s regulations..

Enabling Developer Mode To Install Games

On most school issued Chromebooks, you can’t install apps from the Google Play Store. But there is a workaround – enabling Developer Mode. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter Developer Mode by pressing Esc + Refresh + Power. Confirm you want to change modes.
  2. Press Ctrl + D to boot in Developer Mode, which will take a few minutes.
  3. Open Settings, enable Android app support, and Google Play Store.
  4. Open the Play Store and search for Subway Surfers, install it.
  5. Launch the installed Android app and play offline.

Developer Mode gives you full admin access to uninstall school extensions, enable Android apps, and install games from the Play Store.

Just be cautious about the risks of enabling Developer Mode on a managed device without approval.

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Subway Surfers Gameplay Tips

Once you manage to unblock and access Subway Surfers, here are some tips to get the highest scores:

  • Focus on collecting as many coins as possible – they allow you to purchase useful powerups.
  • Activate the hoverboards and super sneakers to run faster and stay alive longer.
  • Vault over oncoming trains to avoid crashes.
  • Perform tricks while jetpacking and boarding to earn bonus points.
  • Upgrade your characters, hoverboards, and other items for better abilities.
  • Complete daily and special events to earn rare prizes.
  • Connect the game to Facebook to challenge friends.

Mastering these tips and strategies will help you set new high scores and maybe even climb the global leaderboards.

Many players love to enhance their Subway Surfers experience by using special Subway Surfers Codes to unlock characters, hoverboards, and other exciting in-game items. Keep an eye out for these codes,

What Is The Best Way To Unblock Subway Surfers On My School Chromebook?

Using a VPN service or web proxy site has the best chance of bypassing school filters to access blocked games like Subway Surfers. Make sure to use reputable services that are less likely to be blacklisted.

Can I Get In Trouble For Unblocking Games At School?

Most schools prohibit tampering with school device restrictions. If caught, there may be consequences like losing Chromebook privileges or detention. Unblock games at your own risk.


While schools commonly block games like Krunker, there are ways to responsibly bypass the restrictions during free time.

Using various browser extensions, tweaks, mirrors and VPNs, you can find a method to temporarily access Krunker on school Chromebooks.

Just be sure to use game access privileges wisely and not let it impact your productivity. With some discretion, you can find the right balance for entertainment during breaks.



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