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How to protect your FB account from being hacked in 2024

If you have an account on Facebook , you can stay connected with your friends, as we see in today’s time, social networking site is such a free way with the help of which anyone can share their information with the world. .

On Facebook we can connect with our friends or family, or if someone is doing business or is a celebrity then we can connect with people with the help of Facebook Page or Facebook Group .

Facebook is used by millions of people every day, but here’s something you should know: more than 6 lakh people attempt to hack accounts on Facebook every day by using the incorrect password. Some people are also open to hacking. Today, we’ll discuss in this article and learn How to protect your FB account from being hacked.

What is Common Hacking Techniques?

Multiple techniques used by criminals to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, and data are referred to as common hacking tactics. Phishing is a common tactic in which cybercriminals utilize false emails or messages to fool people into disclosing private information, such passwords or bank account information. Another tactic is malware exploiting, in which hackers use holes in operating systems or applications to gain access to a system.

Social engineering is another often used technique that uses psychological manipulation to trick people into disclosing personal information. Malware deployment and brute force attacks, in which hackers attempt to guess passwords or encryption keys in a methodical manner,including viruses and ransomware, are additional tactics utilized in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Understanding these common hacking techniques is crucial for implementing effective cybersecurity measures and protecting against potential breaches.

How to protect your FB account from being hacked 20+ Tips

The biggest reason for hacking a Facebook account is that if we do not know how Facebook account is hacked, then let us talk about all the ways in which our Facebook account can be hacked. Keep one thing in mind that I will help you how to increase the security of your account, do not expect me to hack someone’s account or teach you hacking .

 1. Do not tick Keep me Login

When you login on Facebook, you have to login by entering ID or Password. You must have seen that the option of Keep me logged in . Clicking above means that if you do not log out, you will remain logged in. Use this option only in your computer so that you do not have to login by entering the password again and again. But if you open Facebook on your friend’s computer or in a Net Cafe, never click on it.

2. Strong Password 

Keep the password of Facebook strong, no one can easily know your password.. What mistake do many people make when they set the Facebook password only when their mobile number is there? The password should be such that you can remember it easily or no one can guess it.

How strong is the password? Please check it.

How to create your strong password

  1. The future name of any of your favorite things – for example cricket is favorite for your you can put any word into it – Cric
  2. Some special character also has to be kept – @#$%&-!  anyone from it
  3. Use number also in the password, be it birthday, car number or any other number which you remember.. In this case, keep the birthday  – 1996

Putting all of these together will make the third password Cric@1996

3. Enable Login Alert 

Go to your account’s Settings >> Security  or enable login alerts. Whenever you login to your account, you will get a notification.

Facebook Login Alert

After turning on alerts, such a notification comes if or wherever someone logs in. Email is also received or SMS is also received.

facebook Login Notification

4. Enable Code Generator

After enabling this option, whenever you need Facebook code, you can see it in the settings of Facebook App in your mobile.

5. Trusted Contacts

Add your 5 Facebook friends whom you trust in Security. If you ever care about logging into your account, Facebook also gives you the option to enter your trusted friends’ pass phone number and get your code. Those of your friends who have the same pass will have a different code. Account is opened after entering your details, so add them if you are confident.
6. Registered Browser or App

In this option, whenever you login, Facebook always asks whether it is a trusted device. If we click Yes then it appears to be saved here. Then whenever we login into it, we will not get any notification. Check here if there is any such computer save which you do not have which you can remove.

7. Remotely Logout

Go to the account setting and go to the current session, now you can see where you are logged into your account, if you are logged in to your mobile or computer, you can see there.

If you are using Facebook on someone else’s computer or you forget to log out, you can log out from anywhere by going here and clicking on End Activity .

8.Block user on Facebook

A huge number of fake accounts are created on Facebook, 8% of the total Facebook accounts are fake accounts on Facebook. So if someone you don’t want them to open your account, you can block them.

9.Add Mobile Number

Make sure to add your mobile number as well, this will make it easier for you to forget your password if you ever forget it. You will also receive Facebook SMS on your mobile.

10. Allow only useful apps

There is also the option of apps on Facebook, with the help of which we can connect Facebook account to any game, sites.. But with the help of this, someone can also hack our account, so whenever someone installs any app, please check this. What permission is he taking? Or remove those which are not useful from your account.

 11. Privacy Setting

What you share on your account, who can see you, who can tag you, all this you can set in your Account Privacy. So if you want to be able to see any of my information, you can do so.

Privacy setting is very important for the security of the account, you can hide your friends in Facebook , or block Facebook friend requests so that unknown people cannot send you friend requests .

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12. Keep Anti Virus in Computer

You must have Antivirus installed on your computer , because there are some such viruses which can enter our computer, what do we do with it, its complete information is published on the net or we can see the complete details of the person who created that virus. It is possible.

If you do not have Antivirus in your computer then you can download Avast Free Antivirus from here.

13. Do not enter ID password on fake login page

To hack someone’s ID on Facebook, some people create a login page just like the Facebook site or send their link to the person whose ID is to be hacked. Then when we try to login by entering our Facebook ID or password, we get an error in login or our ID or password is passed to the hacker.

To check that this is not a fake login page, check in your browser that the link of the site is . What hackers do is that they create a website which shows the URL of Facebook like or sends its link and the ID of the person is to be hacked. To his ID or Password he gets his pass.

14. Stay safe from keylogger

There is a software of computer, which is called Key-logger. After installing this software in the computer, whatever button is pressed, it all gets saved in the computer.

So if you try to login to someone else’s computer, then it must be kept in mind that he is a person of trust.. This means that he must have installed a keylogger in his computer or his password should be saved in it. Be sure to pay attention to Net Cafe.

15. Deactivate Account

This method does not affect the security of your account, but if you feel that someone is trying to hack my account again and again, you can deactivate your account, so that no one can access your ID and get any information. Will not be able to see.

16. Email account also secure

The email you have used on Facebook should also be kept secure or its password should also be strong. Or do not share your email on Facebook or do it only for yourself.. This will add another layer of security to your account.

17. On 2 Step Verification

This is the most advanced method, with the help of which you can protect your FB account from being hacked.. If you have kept 2 step verification on in your FB, then even if someone finds out your password, your account will also be lost. Do not open until you have your pass code which will be sent to your mobile as OTP .

18. Change Password

You have to keep your Facebook password strong, so that no one can guess it.. Still, for security, we should keep changing the password after some time, so that if someone from somewhere gets the clue of the password. Still he could not hack the account.

To change Facebook password, you can go to your account settings. After going to Settings, go to Security and Login. Change the password by clicking on edit along with the password.


Being aware, taking preventative action, and maintaining constant surveillance are essential to Facebook account security. You can considerably lower the chance of having your account stolen by using the techniques listed here, making your online experience safer3






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